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Little Girl Has An Accident At School, But Dad Showed Up And Did Something No One Ever Imagined

Dads love being embarrassing. It's just one of the laws of life.

But the other thing dads love doing is making their daughters feel better.

Just ask this dad, who went to pick up his youngest daughter from school after she had an accident and wet her pants.

Lucinda Sowards posted the amazing reaction from her dad on Twitter, and people immediately made it go viral.


Ben Sowards says he got the phone call that his 6-year-old daughter, Valerie, wet her pants at school and was crying about wanting to go home.

"My heart kind of just broke," Sowards said. So to make her feel better, he splashed water on his own pants and went to get Valerie from school .

"She looked at me with just the biggest incredulity," he said. "She was laughing about it. It was so funny."

Lucinda says it's not the first time her dad has done something to make one of his daughters feel better. Four years ago, Lucinda fell while skating and hit her face pretty hard.

"He Facetimed me," she said. "He had vividly painted a black eye that matched mine."

Lucinda Sowards

Now THAT is a great dad!

Would your dad do something like this for you?

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