Little People, Big World, Bigger Secrets - 10 Things The Roloffs Don't Want You To Know

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Since 2006, we have been on an emotional roller coaster ride with the Roloff family, stars of TLC's Little People, Big World.

From weddings, and babies, to a divorce, viewers have been around for countless milestones, and difficult moments. However, there's still a lot that we don't know about the Oregon-based family.

Here are 10 things secrets about the Roloffs that they won't ever tell you:

1. The family was sued by a visitor

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According to Radar Online, a woman named Linda Farrall sued the Roloffs in 2009 for negligence after she suffered an injury on the premises during a public tour. She claimed that she racked up $100,000 in medical bills, and that the Roloffs were careless when it came to implementing safety measures around the farm.

The case was eventually dismissed, but Farrall and the Roloffs reached a settlement outside of court.

2. Their neighbors aren't fans


Those who watch the show regularly know that the Roloffs own a farm, and it gets very busy year-round. While this is great for the family's business, it doesn't sit well with their neighbors, who have complained about the large annoying crowds that the farm draws in. They described Roloff Farm as an "over-priced celebrity-gawk-fest."

3. Jacob was "forced" to appear on the show

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Jacob, affectionately known as Jake, was only nine-years-old when his family started filming their reality show. The youngest of the family, Jake did not have much of a say when it came to starring on the show, but he has always made it clear in interviews and reports that he did not want to be on TV. He left the show as soon as he turned 18, after refusing to renew his contract with TLC.

"There’s two ways to do the filming thing — one way is through the show, maybe and the other way is through myself and vlogs. It’s just more free doing it myself, I can do anything, I can say anything, I can talk about anything — I can show whatever I want," Jake explained.

4. He was apparently not getting paid enough

Back in 2015, Jake took to twitter to vent about not getting paid enough by the network. He wrote, "Man I wish it didn't feel like I was getting f***ed out of the money from the show that was my childhood right now."

The secrets only get juicier...

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