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Lost Newborn Kitten Stunned His Rescuers When He Began To Change Color

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By the time he finished growing he was almost unrecognizable!

Getting darker and darker!

What could be happening here?

Almost completely transformed!

All grown up and handsome as ever!

Do you know why Bruce transformed the way he did? According to vets, Bruce's mom likely had an infection or a fever while she was pregnant with him.

The fuzzy grey fur he was born with is called a 'fever coat.' It's fur that appears lighter at birth, but gradually darkens in the first months of a kittens life. Bruce transformed into a magnificent black kitty when he shed his baby fur.

The amazing, colour changing kitten

Lots of you have been asking how I changed colour. Check out this video for the full story!

Posted by Bruce the cat on Thursday, May 19, 2016

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