Man Sends Out Warning After Unexpected Ingredient Severely Burned His Hands

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Summertime means more outdoor entertaining and nothing beats sipping on a cold drink while waiting for your BBQ fare to cook up.

All things considered, you'd think that firing up the grill would be the most dangerous part of the experience, but there's another unexpected way you could end up in the hospital and you've probably been doing it all summer long.

Last month, Adam Levy of The Honeydogs, a Minneapolis-based band, was celebrating his daughter's graduation with a backyard get together and was tasked with making the chimichurri sauce for the meat.

Everything went seemingly well until the next morning when he noticed sunburn-like patches of redness on his skin while enjoying his cuppa out in the sun.

“It didn’t really feel too bad,” Levy recalled, “it was more the discoloration is what I noticed first and then throughout the day it started getting more intense.”

Adam Levy/Facebook

The singer initially chalked it up to sunburn from spending long periods of time outdoors, but he began to worry after the rash started to change and swell up.

“It started blistering and then I noticed my tongue was swelling up and the following day my breathing was messed up and I was like, ‘This isn’t just sun,'” Levy said.

He immediately sought out a doctor and received some very unexpected news about the cause of his painful condition.

Click on the next page to find out what the surprising culprit was and how you can keep it from happening to you.

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