Matthew Perry Revealed His All-Time Favorite Chandler Bing Line

If you grew up in the 90s, you know about Friends. You may not like it (because you're weird, I guess) but you definitely know who Chandler Bing is.

Could he BE anymore iconic?

For years, fans have debated about what Chandler's best line was during the series. In a comedy show, he still managed to be the comedic relief. Regardless of the situation, you knew Chandler was going to crack a joke.

These were some of the most iconic lines:

Pop Sugar

Pop Sugar
Pop Sugar

Recently, Matthew Perry gave his opinion on what Chandler's best one-liner of all time is. Honestly, it's more the hand gestures AFTER he says this line that makes it so funny!

Is it really a surprise that his favorite line involved Joey? Nope. Those two were arguably the best duo of the entire series!


Do you agree with Matthew Perry? Was this Chandler's best line?

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