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Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter Are Going To Be Co-Stars Again

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Most of us grew up with Family Ties or we remember tuning in to watch a solid hour of hilarious comedy on Thursday night thanks for The Cosby Show and the antics of The Keating Family. Any memories you have from the 80s probably involve Family Ties.

While some shows went on to be cult classics, Family Ties never seemed to enjoy the long-running staying power of other sitcoms. Bill Cosby's show was still airing re-runs until recently, and Gilligan's Island is a show known even to people that haven't seen a single episode.

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That said, Ties did launch the career of one of Hollywood's most likable movie stars: Michael J. Fox. He went on to do huge movies, and become a bona fide money machine thanks to the Back To The Future franchise. With his star power it's easy to forget that the show actually revolved around two of Television's greatest: Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter.

Gross and Baxter played Steven and Elyse Keaton, two ex-hippies trying to do right by their children. Their eldest son, played by Fox, was a staunch Republican, and it's almost surreal to remember a time where politics could be funny, and not so contentious.

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Both went on to great acting careers, but have largely kept out of the public eye. They had undeniable chemistry together, and that's not strange considering how much they have in common. The two friends are even born on the exact same day, June 21, 1947.


Family Ties ran for 7 years, and while every cast-member got along there was never a call for a reunion, spin-off or reboot. Fans of the show might be happy to hear of a mini-reunion however. Gross and Baxter will be co-stars again, but this time on the stage.

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