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12 Years Ago A Missing Hiker Was Declared Dead, But He Was Actually Kidnapped To Teach Kim Jong Un

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The family of a missing college student say they believe he was abducted and taken to North Korea.

Sneddon was hiking in China when he

When David Sneddon vanished in China in 2004, his family was told he had fallen into a gorge while hiking. Almost immediately, Sneddon's parents started to question the official story. Their son's body was never found, and the more questions they asked about his disappearance the more conflicting answers they received.

Now, 12 years on, they believe he may have been kidnapped and taken to North Korea. Sneddon, a 24-year-old college student, had worked as a missionary in South Korea and spoke Korean fluently. That's why Sneddon's parents suspect he was taken to North Korea: to teach English.

Sneddon's family visited his last known location in China.Help Find David

A trip along the hiking trail in China where Sneddon vanished only strengthened their belief that he was alive. A guide recognized Sneddon's picture, and said he survived the trail. Others remembered meeting Sneddon after he finished his hiking trip. The family also insists that Sneddon, an experienced hiker, would have had no trouble.

New evidence reveals Sneddon may be living in North Korea.Help Find David

Now, sightings of Sneddon living in North Korea have given his family hope that they can be reunited...

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