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Mom Builds Awesome Dioramas From Scratch To Celebrate Her Daughter's First Year

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Rosie Maxhimer

Even compared to most new moms, Rosie Maxhimer leads a very busy life.

Maxhimer, her husband Robert and their daughter Annabelle.Rosie Maxhimer

When she's not chasing after her 1-year-old daughter Annabelle, Maxhimer is working as a stylist or capturing her life for her mommy blog The Sweet Mama Life. That involves showing off her daughter's milestones and life with husband Robert, as well as some impressive crafts.

As Maxhimer admits, Michaels is a "very close friend" to her, and she worried that looking after her new baby girl wouldn't leave time for crafts. To include her daughter in her hobby, Maxhimer planned a special twist on the monthly newborn photos that are so popular on social media.

Each month, Maxhimer captures her daughter growing up in front of a special backdrop she made herself. As you can see, the new mom gets very creative with her baby photos.

Keep reading to see the rest of Annabelle's photos...

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