Mom Outraged After Wendy's Cashier Shamed Her Son

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While none of us expect to be treated like royalty when visiting a fast food restaurant, it doesn't mean that we don't deserve the best service possible.

A polite greeting, speedy service and quality food are all part of the overall experience of dining out. So you can imagine the shock and anger one Alabama mom felt after her son was ridiculed by employees at a local Wendy's.


Teneeshia Bush and her 15-year-old son, Quenterus Brown, stopped in a Wendy's store so she could buy him a treat, but as soon as they walked into the fast food joint they knew something wasn't quite right.

The mother-son duo noticed that everyone behind the counter was hysterically laughing as they placed their order.

It wasn't until Teneeshia got the receipt that she understood what the hoopla was all about and trust me, you'd be outraged too if this happened to your child.

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