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Mom Reported To Child Services For Neglect After Switching Dentists

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A routine dental appointment for her 10 year-old daughter turned into every mom's worst nightmare, when the clinic made an accusation that will stay on her record forever.

Melissa Lopez brought her daughter Elianna to a new dentist last year and was surprised to learn that her daughter would need thousands of dollars in dental work.

The mother-of-three doesn't have dental insurance, so they would have to pay for the work themselves. As a result, they decided to seek a second opinion from another dentist.

After visiting another dentist in the area, she learned that her daughter had fewer than the original 9 cavities she was diagnosed with.

That's when Lopez decided to have the dental work taken care of at the other clinic, not notifying the other dentist she made the switch.

In June, Lopez received a call from the Children's Aid Society.

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