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She Lost Her Voice At Birth, But One Little Donkey's Love Brought It Back

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On the day she and her twin sister were born, little Amber was rushed to intensive care for an emergency tracheostomy.

Within moments of birth, doctors performed the live-saving procedure that would make it possible for the tiny girl to breathe.

Unfortunately, the pipe that makes it possible for her to breath made it impossible for her to speak.

The placement of the pipe meant that no air would flow over her vocal cords, which means her family would likely never hear her talk or laugh.

Her parents' main concern was that she wouldn't be able to express herself when it came time for her to go to school.

Thankfully, when she was three years old, doctors fitted her with a Passy-Muir valve. This special valve opens when air is exhaled, allowing breath to pass over the vocal cords.

Although she had the tools to speak, Amber still needed to learn how to use them. For days, Amber continued to use sign language rather than speak.

Then her parents had an idea. When she was two-and-a-half, Amber made a very special connection with a battered donkey named Shocks. Maybe he could help their little girl.

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