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NASA Warns About Fake Safety Glasses That Could Leave You Blind - Make Your Own To Watch The Eclipse Safely

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If you're like us, you've probably already heard about the upcoming solar eclipse and picked out the best spot to watch it with your family.

But if you've already picked up a pair of solar eclipse glasses it's important that you double check to make sure they're authentic. These aren't just part of the fun, eye protection is very important if you want to watch a solar eclipse.

It turns out some fraudsters have taken advantage of the demand for safety glasses by providing fake ones that could seriously injure your eyes. Learn how to recognize real glasses and stay safe on August 21st.

Safety Tips

Looking at an eclipse is the same as looking at the sun during the day. You should not do it with unprotected eyes. You might not feel any pain, because most parts of our eyes don't have pain receptors, but you can seriously damage your eyes by looking at an eclipse.

Regular sunglasses will not protect your eyes during an eclipse.WebMD

Regular dark glasses are not safe, and you should only look at the eclipse with your naked eyes during the totality (when it's completely eclipsed). If any part of the sun is showing, cover your eyes.

So how can you check if your glasses are real?

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