New Limited-Edition M&M's Will Make You Scream With Joy

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons because not only do I get to wrap myself in a blanket-sized scarf, I get to sip on pumpkin spice-laced drinks without being judged.

Now, the geniuses behind all of our favorite M&M's flavors are taking the anticipation for autumn to a whole new level.

Back in April, we shared with you that M&M's was adding a very special treat to its Halloween candy lineup. Just a few weeks ago, Mars, the company behind M&M's, confirmed that pumpkin pie flavored M&M's do really exist and are already appearing on store shelves. The candies are made with white chocolate infused with pumpkin spice. Yum!


The company has barely given us time to take in the sweet news before surprising us with another Halloween-inspired treat and we can barely hold in our excitement.

The limited edition candy is basically a marriage between classic M&M's and Oreo cookies. Are you excited yet? Keep on reading for all the tasty details.

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