New Photos From Florida Reveal The True Devastation of Hurricane Irma

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Daily Express

A confluence of major storms rolled up and across the southern United States over the last two weeks. After Harvey leveled Houston the US came together to help the city get back on its feet. They didn't have long to wait before Hurricane Irma came bearing down on the coast of Florida.

Irma had already leveled entire islands through the Caribbean, and was likely going to be the most powerful storm to make landfall in decades. Though it didn't hammer Florida as hard as many people were expecting, and bracing for, that didn't make its destructive wake any less intense or eye-opening.

Here is Hurricane Irma's war-path in pictures.  

Daily Mail

A police officer surveys the remains of what appears to be part of someone's home.


A local resident walks through the flooded streets of Florida.


This trailer park was almost completely leveled when Irma passed overheard.

Daily Express

The ground that this house once sat on was eroded away by the pounding waves and storm surge.

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