NFL Super-Fan Dies At 100 Years Of Age

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JJ Watt meets his 100 year old super-fan,

From the moment that JJ Watt set foot on an NFL field for the Houston Texans, he has been a fan favorite, both for his work ethic and skill, as well as for his love for his community and fans.

During pre-game warm-ups for a January 2016 game, Asalee (Mimi) Poole was sitting on the sidelines as she celebrated her 99th birthday. She was wearing her number 99 jersey (Watt's number) and even had a Watt themed cake. As if the day couldn't get any better, her favorite player (and the most destructive defensive talent of a generation) came over to give her a big birthday hug and kiss. It was a spectacular moment in sports entertainment, one that Mimi and her family would never forget.

Sadly, Mimi Poole passed away this past week at 100 years of age.

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