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Mother Diagnosed With Cancer, But Her Ex-Husband's New Wife Is Trying To Save Her Life

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You would think that your ex-husband's new wife probably wouldn't be your biggest cheerleader, but as it turns out they are sometimes the greatest friend you could ask for. Nicola Hitchen learned this first hand after she was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer.

Hitchen was told in March that nothing could be done to stop the cancer, but she wanted to do everything she could to try to fight it. She had tumors in her abdomen, spine, liver and lungs, but she heard about a pioneering chemotherapy center in Turkey that might be able to help her.

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The treatment wasn't cheap, it would cost £80,000 ($104k) for the first five session alone. Hitchen wouldn't be able to afford the second round, but that's when her ex-husband's new wife stepped in to help her out.

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