The Tragedy That Haunts This Hotel Will Keep You Up At Night

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Hotels are notorious for being haunted, and it is easily understandable why. They are impersonal, temporary dwellings that have seen some of the darkest moments in people's lives. Murders, suicides, and deaths in all forms have happened in the rooms of even the most unassuming hotels over the years. The Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City is no different.  

Built in 1910 by oil tycoon W.B. Skirvin, it was meant to be a symbol of high class, and it definitely delivered.

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It was one of the first buildings in the city to have air-conditioning, it had running ice water in all of the rooms, a ball room that could seat 500 people comfortable, and it even had imported chandeliers that cost upwards of $100,000 apiece (and that is in 1910). It was a true monument to high society.  

It even became a speakeasy during the prohibition era of U.S. history.  


It was allegedly during this time that W.B. Skirvin had an affair with one of the hotel's maids. Like most cliche stories, the maid (who still remains without a name) became pregnant and was locked into a room on the 10th floor of the hotel in order to avoid a scandal.


The story only gets darker from this point.

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