People Are Doing Yoga On Horses Because Regular Yoga Is Boring

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Angela Nunez

For centuries, people across the globe have practiced yoga to release stress, connect with their inner spirit, and stay fit. Over the years, western practitioners began to modernize the meditation exercise and these days there are some pretty out of the ordinary types of yoga out there.

You've probably heard of beer yoga, aerial yoga and even goat yoga, but just when you thought you had seen it all, a new type makes it debut.

We've recently heard about yoga with horses and it was hard to wrap our heads around the idea until we saw the pictures on Angela Nunez's Instagram page.

Angela Nunez

The yoga teacher has a passion for horses, yoga and travelling and currently works as a registered yoga instructor with over 200 hours of teaching under her belt.

Nunez says she started practicing horse yoga about 4 years ago with a pony names Sugar Maple. Unfortunately, the horse passed away, but now the yogi practices with Snowy, Sugar's grandson.

Angela Nunez

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