Pet Resort Throws Pool Party For Rescued Shelter Dogs To Beat The Heat

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As the world's temperatures keep rising, Phoenix, Arizona seems to be getting the worst of it. It's not uncommon for America's fifth most populous city to experience scorching heat during summer months, however 2017 is certainly going in the books for it's record-breaking temperatures soaring above the 100s.

While it's easier for humans to protect themselves from the unbearable heat, animals without proper care struggle to stay cool under such conditions. So when this year's Summer Solstice brought along another wave of extreme heat, a Phoenix-based pet resort knew something has to be done for animals who have yet to find their forever homes.

Second Home Pet Resort invited a group of canines from the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control to escape the intense heat by partaking in a pool party and it was epic.

Rescues Rogue, Greyson, Bean, Henry, Loki, Ozzie, Benito and Polo had the time of their lives as they splashed in the water at the park designed specifically for dogs. It's heartwarming to see the dogs enjoy some freedom away from the shelter and gambol around the resort without a care in the world.

The park's staff ensured that the pups and their volunteer chaperones made the most out of their day at Second Home by organizing games of catch, playing chase and engaging in fun water activities. Of course, some pool safety tips were shared.

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