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Sesame Street Adds Another New Character To Address A Common Family Theme

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Sesame Street has been a staple in many households for almost 50 years, teaching young kids not only educational lessons, but also lessons surrounding every day life.

The PBS show made headlines this past year when they conducted a study asking parents if they'd rather their kids be polite or empathetic. Most parents wished their kids would be polite, which researchers believed was the reason for the growing lack of empathy in college-age kids.

Sesame Street also stirred up emotion when they introduced Julia, a muppet with autism.

“Bringing Julia to life as a Sesame Street Muppet is the centerpiece of all of our new materials to support families of children with autism,” said Sherrie Westin, EVP of Global Impact and Philanthropy, Sesame Workshop in a press release.

Now, in an effort to keep up with changing family trends, Sesame Street is introducing another new muppet to help kids identify what's happening in their lives.

Continue reading to find out who is being added to the cast!

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