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Single Mom Spends Her Entire Savings For a World Adventure with Her Daughter

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Saving up extra cash can be a challenge these days. Between housing, car payments and the rising food costs there is rarely enough to cover the bills, let alone have some extra to save for a rainy day.

Once you get your nest egg built, it can be hard to decide what to do with the money. Whether you have goals of renovating your house, saving for retirement or buying a new car, often it is a tough choice.

For Evie Farrell, the decision became clear when she had an epiphany in 2015, after her best friend and mother of 2 died of cancer at the age of 42.

Daily Mail

"It was a big reminder to grab life and do everything while you can," she said.

This working mother managed to save up $30,000 for a kitchen renovation through her career as a public relations consultant.

After some soul-searching, she came to an important realization that changed her life.

“I thought that in ten years, my daughter Emily wouldn’t thank me for installing a brand new kitchen and bathroom in our home. She would thank me for filling her early years with amazing experiences, learning and sights and sounds from around the world,” she said.

Daily Mail

That's when the 42-year-old single mother decided to take all of 2016 off from work and use that money she had saved to travel the world with her daughter.

"She's at a desk at school and I'm on other side of Sydney at a desk, working long hours, and I thought I'm staring down the barrel of years of getting up, going to work, doing the dinners and Emmie will be doing the routine until she's 18 or 25," she said.

Taking off in February of 2016, they had plans to visit China, Singapore, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

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