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The 10 Luckiest People Who Ever Lived

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I count my blessings when I find a penny lying on the ground, but that's nothing compared to the incredible luck these 10 people had:

1. Bill Morgan

Few people manage to cheat death and Lady Luck during their lifetimes, but Morgan did both twice. This Australian man's car was hit by a truck and Morgan was crushed during the accident. He was declared legally dead for almost 15 minutes before doctors could revive him.

Morgan was left in a coma, and his chance to survive seemed so slim that his family actually pulled the plug on him, but he woke up 12 days later. To celebrate his good luck, Morgan bought a lottery ticket.

His scratch-off ticket won him $20,000, and the incredible story got him featured on a local news report. The reporter asked Morgan to reenact his big moment, so he bought a 2nd scratch-off ticket which won him $250,000. You can't make this stuff up!

2. Vesna Vulovic

Vulovic landed in the record books for a very unfortunate reason: she survived the highest fall ever recorded by a human being. Vulovic was just 22-year-old and working as a flight attendant when her plane was ripped apart, sending her falling 33,333 feet without a parachute.

The flight attendant was trapped inside the tail section of the aircraft as it dropped out of the sky, which is probably what saved her life. While she was paralyzed from the waist down, Vulovic lived to tell her amazing tale.

3. Teddy Roosevelt

Our 26th president survived a number of dangerous asthma attacks in his childhood, but his scariest brush with death of all was an assassination attempt while he was campaigning in 1912. Roosevelt was about to give a speech in Milwaukee when a man pulled a pistol on him.

Roosevelt's X-ray shows the bullet lodged against his right rib.

In a twist that would be unbelievable in a movie, the assassin's bullet passed through a 50 page speech in Roosevelt's pocket and his steel eyeglasses case, slowing the bullet down and saving his life. Roosevelt went on to give his entire 90 minute speech before going to the hospital.

4. Roy Sullivan

We'll let you decide if this is a case of very good luck or very bad luck: park ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lighting 7 times in his life. The odds of being struck just once in your lifetime is 1 in 12,000, so Sullivan definitely hit the jackpot.

Lighting even struck Sullivan's wife, which didn't help the rumors that he was some kind of human lightning rod. Sullivan's co-workers would actually walk away from him during a storm, worried they would be caught in the crossfire.

Who could be luckier than Sullivan?

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