The Angel Flare Is A Moving Tribute That Most Of Us Don't Know About

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Almost everyone knows the 21-Gun Salute. The moving tribute to a fallen soldier or head of state often brings us to tears, each shot hammering home the point that the nation has lost another hero. Few things in this life are more emotionally wrenching than seeing a flagged draped casket descend into the ground; a soldier being laid to rest after making the greatest sacrifice.

In times of war there's seemingly no end to the casualties. Long lists of injured or dead soldiers exist, but are rarely seen by the public at large. There are few parades for the safe return of combatants, even fewer for the homecomings of the deceased. While we honor our fallen on holidays with BBQs and movie premieres, the military has lesser known ways of paying tribute.

21 Gun

An Angel Flight is a code for a flight home carrying the casket of a fallen soldier, marine or sailor. This is an all-too-often occurrence, and seeing a casket wrapped in a flag is heartbreaking. The care and respect that is paid to the fallen is a testament to how much those fighting overseas care about one another.


The Angel Flight isn't just a somber return home though, while in the air the plane, usually a C-130 transport, will offer its own salute, and it's truly breathtaking to behold - it's called an Angel Flare.

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