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She Confessed To The Worst Murder They'd Seen, But She Doesn't Remember Any Of It

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Buckle up, because man oh man are you in for a treat.

If you're someone who loves old crime stories, you're going to love the story of Katherine Knight. Well maybe not LOVE. She is, after all, a convicted murderer. But her story is unlike any other.

Katherine Knight was the first Australian woman sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, and her crime is something a judge called "almost beyond contemplation."

Are you ready? Here we go.

Early Life

Katherine Knight grew up in Aberdeen, New South Wales. Her family life was not good whatsoever. Knight's father was an abusive, rapist, alcoholic and her mother would describe in detail her sex life to her kids. As Knight grew up, she was a loner and a bully when she went into rage fits. When not in a state of rage, she was a model student.

Knight became a butcher's assistant and was even given her own set of knives. And that's arguably where this all began.


Relationship With John Price

After a failed marriage, and a son by another man, Knight fell in love with a man named John Price in the early '90s. By all accounts, Price was a 'terrific bloke' liked by everyone around him. He had three children from a previous marriage who all thought Knight was a lovely woman.

In 1995, Knight moved into Price's home and everything was "a bunch of roses." In 1998, Price refused to marry Knight and she retaliated by reporting him to his boss for theft. Price was fired from his job of 17 years and kicked Knight out of the home.

A few months later, however, Price restarted their relationship, with the exception of allowing Knight to move back in. Eventually he caved, and the two were living together once again. Friends and family alienated the couple, wanting nothing to do with their constant fighting.


So what did she do exactly?

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