The Museum Of The Paranormal Is Actually Even Scarier Than You Think It Is, Here's Proof

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Museums are houses of accumulated knowledge that help tell the story (or history) of specific subject matter. We all ventured into them as children, mostly on class field trips. I remember visiting the local museums of nature, history, science and technology, and of course the local art gallery. But I must have missed the day where we visited the Museum of the Paranormal. I have to say that is one trip I would have paid extra to go on.

This building is also fondly known as the "Archive of the Afterlife" for its macabre collection of some truly gruesome historic acquisitions, including "Old Sparky's" cap. That would be the headgear that was used as part of West Virginia State Penitentiary's electric chair. There is no telling how many souls passed on into the afterlife wearing that particular piece of leather and metal.

Atlas Obscura

They also boast a rather impressive collection of damaged WW2 artifacts that were recovered from multiple battlefields across Europe.

Atlas Obscura
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