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The Real Life "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card And Why England Sold Them

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A man arrested in Dakota County, Minnesota last weekend made national headlines, not because of what he was arrested for, but for what he did when cops found him.

The suspect had been wanted for a controlled substance charge, and he must have known his days as a free man were numbered. Before cops tracked him down, he stashed something away - just in case. In a Facebook post, the local sheriff's department revealed he was carrying a "Get of Out Jail Free" card from the board game Monopoly on himself at all times.

We appreciate the humor! Deputy Vai arrested a gentleman this weekend on an outstanding warrant. He carried this Monopoly card just in case. "A" for effort!

Posted by Dakota County Sheriff's Office on Monday, June 26, 2017

While they "appreciate the humor," it seems the special card doesn't work in real life, and the crook was booked.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time a wanted man tried to avoid jail time by presenting the card from the popular board game. In 1967, after an international manhunt to track down check forger James Ringrose - one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives - police found him carrying one of the cards.

And just last year, a protester sabotaging an oil pipeline in Ohio had a Get Out of Jail card in his pocket when police found him. While these criminals were all having a bit of fun, and the idea of a free pass to commit crimes seems like a dumb idea, there was a real Get Out of Jail Free card, and anyone could buy it.

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