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The Tragic, True Story Behind The Amber Alert

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Many people recognize the alarm that sounds when an AMBER Alert interrupts local and national television and radio programs. Maybe you've seen the Alert notice on your cellphone.

It's an all-too familiar call for help, a missing child with only hours before the trail goes cold. Every second counts and the longer they are missing, the harder it is to trace them.

We all know what the AMBER Alert is, but many people of this generation don't know how it came to be.

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It begins with a 9-year-old girl named Amber Hagerman. On January 13, 1996, Amber was grabbed off of her bicycle in a local grocery store parking lot.

Witnesses spotted a blue truck leaving the scene, but there were no more details about her abductor.

A neighbor who saw the incident called police, while Amber's little brother ran home to tell his family what had happened.

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