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Customers Say This High Tech $400 Juicer Is A Total Scam

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A year ago, the Juicero juicer seemed like a must-have product for health nuts, but now customers are demanding their money back.

The Juicero was pitched as a high tech version of the traditional juicer. Using a "4-ton" vice, the machine would "cold press" special bags of juice made by the company.

While the appliance cost $700 at first, the price was lowered to $400, and global tech giant Google believed in the invention enough to invest $120 million in the company.

But there was one problem: the machine is basically useless.

The news outlet Bloomberg were the first to realize that you can just hand-squeeze the packets. The old fashioned method even makes juice faster than the machine.

While the Juicero can connect to the internet and an app on your phone, it turned out that the "400 custom parts" customers were paying for didn't actually do anything.


Bloomberg first heard about the truth behind this machine when some of the company's own investors complained that it was pointless.

But when news broke that the juicer was a waste of money, Juicero reacted in exactly the wrong way.

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