Eerie Photos Of The Day Niagara Falls Ran Dry

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Imagine visiting Niagara Falls and instead of hearing tons of water rushing over the edge, all you heard was silence. That would be enough to run a chill down my spine, for sure.

This unmistakable sound of 85,000 cubic feet of water crashing down to the rocky base, is enough to take your breath away. But from June-November of 1969, the falls ran silent.

Russ Glasson, a man from Connecticut unearthed theses photos that had been taken by his in-laws, and stored in an old shoe-box in their garage.

Russ told Daily Mail UK, "My in-laws took these pictures during the six months through June to November that the Army was working to improve the health of the American Falls."

Russ Glasson

See the images he unearthed on the next page of his historic time.

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