This Man Woke Up To A "Poopacalypse" and Everyone Is Laughing At Him

Roomba's are supposed to make our lives easier, but that was definitely not the case for Jesse Newton. He awoke to find a "Poopacalypse" as his helpful robot vacuum spread dog poop to almost every room in the house.

When he awoke to find the pooptastrophe he quickly took for Facebook to warn other roomba owners.

"If you own a roomba, please remove all distractions and absorb this information," he wrote on his lengthy poop post.

Apparently Newton had set his roomba to do its job at 1:30 AM so that everyone would be sound asleep while it tidied up. Not everyone was sleeping soundly however. The Newtons' dog Evie must not have been feeling well because she left a steamy gift on the rug.

Poop Rug

The poor roomba, quick to do its duty (doodie?) gathered up the poop and began sharing it with the rest of the house.

Newton described it as a "Jackson Pollock Poop Painting."

As you can imagine it's not easy to clean a mess like that. Newton documented the lengths he had to go through. If I was him I might have just moved.

See the whole post here. Let it serve as a reminder to make sure you never let the roomba bite off more than it can chew.

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