Three Family Members Die After Falling Into Volcano

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An 11-year-old boy, his 42-year-old mother, and his 45-year-old father have all perished in a tragic accident. The family, on vacation from Turin, Italy, were visiting the Solfatara volcano, one of 40 volcanoes that make up the Flegrei Fields in Italy, which is a very popular tourist destination.

Emergency personnel survey the scene of the accident EPA/ANSA

The 11-year-old boy appears to have crossed a safety barrier before falling into the crater. His mother and father were killed as they rushed after him in an attempt to save their young son, but unfortunately fell in as well. The volcano, although inactive, spews sulfur fumes and is surrounded by areas of quicksand which makes walking in the area surrounding the crater dangerous because the ground can quickly become unstable.

The volcano which formed in roughly 2000 BC hasn't erupted since late in the 12th century.

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