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Tide Ad Warns Parents Of These Everyday Dangers. Can You Spot All 11?

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How well did you baby proof your house when your toddler started to move on their own?

There are the obvious things like securing the bookshelf to the wall, covering table edges and placing a gate at the stairs, but you'll be shocked at how many other hazards you might have missed.

There's a new video making the rounds online that asks parents to spot potential safety hazards for a toddler in a living room.

Give it a try, you only have five seconds:


Time's up! What did you see?

There are 11 red flags in the image including an unsecured television, a window blind cord, a lit fireplace, sharp table edges, balloon choking risk, unattended iron, handbag contents, coins on the side table, a leaning mirror, an uncovered outlet and laundry pacs.


While some are undoubtedly easier to spot than others, securing a space for a baby is a lot harder than it seems.This is exactly why American laundry brand, Tide, released its latest ad to remind parents about importance of keeping products like laundry pacs out of children's reach.

The video challenges parents to point out the risks in just 5 seconds because that's roughly how long it takes for a child to put themselves in danger in an unsecured environment.

Click on the next page to watch the advert and find out how laundry pacs can endanger a child's life.

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