Toys R Us Closing 182 Stores After Filing For Bankruptcy, Find Out Which Ones Will Disappear

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Toys R Us is setting up to close 20% of its stores nationwide this year. This comes after the company filed for bankruptcy in September.

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Toys R Us has around $5 billion in debt and the company is working on a loan as part of its bankruptcy filing to assure vendors that they can pay for the toys stocking store shelves.

Penny-pinching parents are looking to online retailers like the Amazon Family service to save 20% off regular deliveries of diapers, along with other lucrative offers for baby supplies. Walmart is also leading the way in voice-activated shopping which aids parents with small children to shop easily, with their busy schedules.

As the company shifts its direction, it will be closing some retail space and shifting customers to online.

So which stores are on the chopping block?

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