University Of Iowa's Football Tradition Helps Sick Kids Get The Support They Need

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In many parts of the United States, whole communities are tied together by the love they all share for their favorite football teams. Whether it be high school, college or professional football, they all seem to share a strong bond with the community that supports them. This is no different for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, if anything, the bond they have created is more important than football itself.


This new tradition has become a focal point during every Hawkeye's home game. The entire stadium takes a few moments; fans, players, referees, reporters, cheerleaders, and even opposing teams and their fans. Everyone turns to wave to a special group of people who are watching from the top floor windows of a building just outside the stadium.

That building is the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital, and the fans there are children there receiving treatment for a variety of life threatening illnesses.

The Daily Iowan

What started out as a simple fan suggestion has turned into one of the most revered traditions in college football.

Krista Young said that the idea came to her while she was napping, "I think, with the new U of I hospital addition open, Kinnick should hold a 'wave to the kids' minute during every game," she wrote back in May. "Can you imagine how neat it would be to have all those fans, players & coaching staff looking up at you sending a little extra inspiration," and she posted this question to Facebook.

It just blossomed from there.

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