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Why Your Favorite Restaurants Are Taking Chicken Wings Off The Menu

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Sticky, spicy, savory, chicken wings have all the qualities that make a perfect game day snack.

But restaurants across the country are waving goodbye to this sports bar staple because of a bizarre chain of events. Concerns about unhealthy meat led to a change in the poultry industry that has lifted chicken wing prices to historic highs.

It all started when customers began to notice white stripes on their chicken breasts. It turned out the drive to raise bigger chickens had made their meat fattier, which left the telltale lines on the product. Customers were turned off by the fatty meat, and farmers noticed.

So they began to raise smaller chickens with healthier meat, but that only raised prices for chicken wings in the process. Wings used to be sold by number, but switched to a weight system once chickens became heavier.

Now that the average chicken is shrinking again, filling a 100 pound wing box is more work for farmers, and the price of your wings reflects that. While prices were $1.66 a pound in 2014, they're over $2.10 today, and even wing restaurants are considering taking them off the menu.

So where can you still satisfy your craving for wings?

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