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Will Smith Recreates His Son's Music Video And We Can't Stop Laughing

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Contrary to the popular belief that Will Smith's father was a deadbeat, Willard Carroll Smith Sr. was very much present in his son's life.

"He kept me in line. He’d get this look that said, ‘One more step, Will, and it’ll get ugly.’ He was an independent businessman-he set up refrigeration in supermarkets-and he always provided for us. He’s a steady and positive figure in my life," Will told Essence Magazine a few years ago.

The Telegraph

Will's father encouraged him to follow his dreams, and contributed greatly to his success.

"We agreed that I would take a year making music, and if it did not work out, I would go to college," Will said in another interview with Reader's Digest. "That year we won the first Grammy given to a rap artist."

Now, Will is showing his children the same support he received from his own father all those decades ago.

Daily Mail

He's often expressed how proud he is of his kids, Trey, 25, Jaden, 19, and Willow, 17, and everything they have achieved so far in life. These days, thanks to social media, Will is able to share his pride with the world.

The former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor just joined Instagram last December, but he's already shaping up to become one of the most popular celebrities on the photo and video sharing platform. His popularity can be attributed to his delightfully funny content and the occasional wisdom he imparts on his followers.

More recently, he recreated his son Jaden's "Icon" music video, and the hilarious parody has gone viral.

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