People Around The World Are Helping Grant His Dying Birthday Wish

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What did you wish for when you were 14? A bike? A puppy, maybe? The newest video game?Jacob Priestly wants something a little more simple. Some birthday cards.  Alright not some birthday cards. He's looking for 100,000 birthday cards. But why?

Jacob Priestly is currently battling a terminal illness called mitochondrial disease.

“It’s very tiring. It drains my energy. I’m basically bed-bound,” Jacob said.

Little by little, the disease shuts down Jacob's body. There is no cure for mitochondrial disease.

"Eventually, it's going to take over the heart," said Jacob's father, Tom.

Jacob is turning 15 years old in August, and he looks forward to his birthday every year. But it's not the presents or the cake he likes. It's the birthday cards.

"It's amazing. I don't know how to explain...it's heartwarming," Jacob says.

Jacob's dad posted about his birthday wish with the following message:

"Please help us spread the word about my son Jacob's birthday wish! Jacob has a terminal disease.  Jacob has never had friends. Having autism makes it really hard for him to have friends. And then getting sick and not being able to do anything like all the other kids.

That is, until last year when we started this card thing. And he felt like he finally had friends."

Continue reading to see how many cards Jacob has already received, and how you can send one his way!

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