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15 Service Dogs Who Are Ridiculously Good At Their Jobs

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5. Tucker the research dog

Nobody ever said being a service dog was glamorous...Tucker works with the Center for Conservation Biology, following the scent of killer whale poop to help researchers learn more about these creatures. Hey, it's a living!

6. Rick the explosive sniffing dog

During their time together overseas, Air Force Staff Sergeant Amanda Cubbage and Rick searched for explosive devices during countless patrols together, saving as many as 200 soldiers. Their bond was so strong that Amanda adopted Rick after returning home.

7. Blue the detective dog

To help bring attention to dogs at the Fox Valley Humane Association, local police played along with a social media mystery involving a damaged toy. Blue the police dog was on the case!

8. Alpha the diabetes dog

Another service dog who looks after his owner's diabetes levels. Alpha goes to school with Andrew Schalk every day, and has saved his life "multiple times," so it was an easy decision to include the dog in the school's yearbook. He even has his own school ID card!

9. Rollo the K9 officer

After 9 years of loyal service (that's 64 dog years), Rollo's fellow officers sent him off in style with a decorated squad car.

10. Merrick the support dog

Service animals look after our warriors on and off the battlefield. When McLean Raybon returned from Afghanistan his PTSD isolated him from his family, until Merrick the chocolate lab gave him the support he needed to start his life over again.

11. Daisy the cancer sniffing dog

Medical Detection Dogs uses the finely tuned noses of their animal workers to test breath samples for cancer and other serious diseases. Daisy was rewarded after successfully detecting more than 500 cases of cancer.

12. Gema the airport security dog

After spending 5 years keeping passengers at the Orlando International Airport safe, Gema the bag sniffing dog was rewarded with a party, and all of her coworkers were invited.

There are even special service dogs that help patients with much less common conditions.

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