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9 Facts You Never Knew About The Three Stooges

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Whether you remember their movies from your childhood, or watching their shorts on Saturday mornings, the Three Stooges brought laughter to generations of people with their signature slapstick antics.

Their time in the spotlight has come and gone, but the laughs they brought us will last forever. They left behind a HUGE body of work (keep reading to learn exactly how big it is) and a lifetime of classic gags.

But how well do you really know the Stooges? See if you already know any of these 9 surprising facts about the Hollywood funnymen - we promise not to throw a pie in your face if you don't!

1. The movies were very, very cheap

Columbia Pictures, who made most of the Stooges' short films,  were famously tight-fisted. The Stooges weren't paid much, most of the film sets were recycled from other movies, and the crew would even sweep up the cream from cream pie fights to re-use it in the next take.

2. It wasn't all fun and games

It's hard to believe, with all the cartoon sound effects, but the stooges would often injure themselves for real while doing their slapstick routines.

Broken ribs, noses and sprained ankles were very common, and Larry once got a fountain pen stuck in his forehead. All in a day's work!

3. Curly's famous walk is from a childhood accident

One of Curly's signature gags was his "shuffle," his unusual limping walk. It even inspired its own song. There wasn't much creativity behind this joke, just a bad accident.

When Curly was young he shot himself in the foot. He was too afraid to visit the doctor, so his limp was never fixed. What a stooge!

4. Moe, Shemp and Curly were brothers

The Howard brothers grew up in Brooklyn, New York. The three were obsessed with show business from a young age, but only Moe and Shemp were original members of  the Stooges. Curly would replace his brother years later.

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