9 Things About I Love Lucy Most People Don't Know


9 Things About I Love Lucy Most People Don't Know

Has there ever been a better show on TV than I Love Lucy? It was an instant classic that was guaranteed to give you a good laugh.

Lucille Ball's comedic timing was nothing short of genius, and that chocolate eating scene will always be remembered.

But even some of the most die-hard Lucy fans may be surprised to learn some things about their favorite show.

Take a read through these interesting facts about the show, and see if you learn anything new!


1. It was the first of its kind.

The show was the first to use the three-camera television format. That style is now used in a lot of popular shows today, such as Friend, Big Bang Theory, and King Of Queens.


2. That's real laughter.

There was a live audience of 300 people for each taping.


3. "Say whaaat?"

Only Lucy was allowed to make fun of Ricky's broken English. The writers tried a couple times to have other characters joke about it, but the audience never laughed, they just found it mean.

4. Desi Arnaz was vertically challenged

Lucille Ball was 5'7, Arnaz was 5'9. Throw a pair of heels on to Lucy and he seemed to tower over her husband. Arnaz had lifts in his shoes and also in the spot on the couch where he sat. It was important to Desi Arnaz to be taller than his wife, just for a matter of pride.


5. Stick to the script.

Though Lucille Ball was extremely funny on her own, there was never any ad-libbing in the show. "We never ad-libbed," she said. "We never ad-libbed on the set when we were putting it together. It was there." Even when she has slurred speech in "Lucy Does A TV Commercial," every word was scripted.


6. "Uh-oh" was a familiar face.

When things were about to get messy, you could often hear a woman saying "uh-oh" in the studio audience. That "uh-oh" was actually Lucille Ball's mom, who attended every taping. She would often get so wrapped up in the stories, which is why she could be heard so clearly.

7. Lucy's pregnancy was a big issue.

Each episode that involved Lucy's pregnancy had to be approved by a minister, a priest, and a rabbi to make sure they weren't offensive to the audience.

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8. Yep, they like the baby.

When little Ricky was born, 44 million people tuned in to watch the show. At the time, that was 72% of all U.S. homes with a TV.


9. She made history.

Lucille Ball became the first woman to run a major TV studio, called Desilu.

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