Shared: Guidelines and Ethics

Shared: Guidelines and Ethics

Shared: Guidelines and Ethics

Shared wants to keep you involved with all the things you care about. The world is constantly changing, but we are dedicated to keeping up with a wide variety of topics like breaking and celebrity news, DIY trends and tips, delicious recipes and quirky facts that will put a smile on your face.

Our number one goal is to provide our audience with interesting, thought-provoking content that they will want to share with the ones they love. We ensure that by asking three questions before publishing something.

1. Is it accurate?

This is the most important question we ask ourselves, and we follow strict rules to make sure that the information we present is as accurate as possible:

  • We will not report on fake news or on events that can't be verified.
  • Our articles will be unbiased and won't be intended to influence the reader in one direction or another.
  • Our headlines will accurately reflect what is in the article.
  • Any source we use in our article will be from a trusted and established webpage.
  • We will clearly link to any source where was gathered material from.
  • We will credit the creator of any image we use in our article
  • Every article will be rigorously edited to ensure all names, titles and locations are spelled correctly.

We research and double-check everything we put on our site. We will never include content from sources we don't absolutely trust, and that means you can be sure you are informed with only the latest real news.

We often will reference other sites where we heard the news first. You will always be able to find our sources properly identified and linked to, so you can trust where your news is coming from.

Only once we feel that the content is accurate will we begin writing. We pride ourselves on our conversational writing style. While we may link to other sources for more information you can be sure that our articles are original have written in Shared's unique voice.

We never take credit for work that isn't ours. Any quote, information or picture that comes from an outside source will clearly be marked and properly identified.


Articles will be fact-checked, in the rare event of a mistake we will clearly label any corrections made to an article in a prompt manner. We will be upfront about any mistakes we've made, and not cover up errors by deleting records of the posts or content. If you think you've noticed an error we encourage you to contact us at

We feel like our audience is our friend, and we will talk to you exactly the way we talk to our friends. We have a rigorous editing system that helps to keep our articles free of spelling or grammatical errors. If you've noticed a mistake you may also use to alert us to it. We will promptly make the necessary changes within the article.

2. Is it relevant?

There is so much that happens around the world that we could never keep up with all of it. As broad as our topics are, we will only cover things we feel our audience wants to hear about. We make sure to make our content properly identified and related content easy to find, so you can always know more of the topics you're interested in.

Sometimes we may report on a story that took place in the past, but we are always clear about when something has occurred. We will only use the most up-to-date information when writing a story, so you won't be left out of the loop.

Sometimes we will be paid to promote a post. We will always notify you when we are being paid for an article, or when we may profit from something you may do. Even though we make money from some articles, we will only publish articles we believe in and would use ourselves.

3. How does this make you feel?

Sadly, there is a lot of bad news out there. Sometimes bad news is unavoidable, but other times things happen we wish we didn't know. We will only report on sad events that are important and won't use sensationalized story-telling techniques to get engagement. We want visiting Shared to be a positive experience and you will leave our site feeling better than when you came in.

Shared is a place for everyone, and we will not take sides on most issues. We will always offer both sides of any story, but generally stay away from controversial topics and events. We pride ourselves on telling you what happened, and letting you make up your mind on how to feel about it.

Our articles will be free from graphic imagery. If an upsetting image is integral to the story there will be a warning before we show it. We will also censor any gratuitous nudity and profanity for our users.

While we always work to keep these values, we are human and can make mistakes. We take responsibility for those and welcome any feedback, criticism or advice from our audience.

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