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Brokenhearted Bachelor Finds Sick Kitten Outside His Door, Together They Rescued Each Other

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There's not much that can ease the pain of a broken heart, just time and maybe the love of an adorable kitten.

A man who only wants to be identified as MK was feeling very emotional after a recent breakup. He was sitting in his apartment crying his eyes out when something inside told him to get up and go do laundry.

That's when he found a very sick little kitten - his eyes were closed because they were full of pus - sitting outside his door. The cat ran inside to get out of the heat, and that chance meeting brought MK and his new pet together.

He gave the cat some water, and chewed up leftover fajita meat so the kitten could have something to eat. The cat's name, Fajita, comes from their first meal together.

We've seen heartwarming stories like this before, but none are as cute as the adorable bond that Fajita and his new owner share.

Next, MK had to take the very sick little cat to the vet - and fast.

Find out how MK and Fajita are doing on the next page!

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