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Buffet Pancake Dippers Make Your Breakfast Dunkable

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Pancakes and bacon are one of those breakfast pairings that just belong together. This Buffet Pancake Dippers recipe is to die for if you're into that combo - this method is more fun and makes your pancakes dunkable!

This is a great recipe if you're feeding a few people. Whether making this on a griddle or a pan, all you have to do is cook up your bacon (or use pre-cooked bacon), and put your pancake mix of choice in a squeeze bottle. Squeeze out an oval of pancake mix, place your piece of bacon within the lines, and top it off with more pancake mix! Cook these up like you would a normal pancake. You'll be dipping these in syrup in no time!

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  • 1 recipe of the Bisquick pancake batter including the ingredients to make the batter, or pancake mix of choice
  • 12 slices bacon
  • Syrup


Cook bacon and set aside.

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Mix batter according to the package directions.

Pour into a squeeze bottle with a big enough hole for the batter to pour from (cut the tip bigger if you need to).

Heat griddle or pan to medium-low heat.

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Squirt batter in a long oval shape a little longer and wider than the bacon, then place a slice of cooked bacon in the center, lightly press bacon into the batter.

Squeeze a few lines of more batter over the bacon, (this is to protect the bacon from the griddle when you turn that pancake dipper over).

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Cook until the batter starts to bubble then turn over and cook a few minutes longer.

Serve syrup in bowls big enough to dip.

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