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Heartbreaking Family Tragedy Still Haunts Anderson Cooper Nearly 30 Years Later

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Most people don't know about the family tragedy that rocked Anderson Cooper's life and forever changed the relationship he had with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.

On July 22, 1988, Carter Cooper, Anderson's older brother, committed suicide at the age of 23 by jumping from the family's 14th-floor apartment.

He wasn't alone though, in his final moments, Vanderbilt was with him on the balcony, trying to talk him out of what he was about to do.

(L-R) Anderson Cooper, Gloria Vanderbilt, Carter Cooper

'He reached out to me at the end,' Vanderbilt told People, " Then he went over, hanging there on the wall, like on a bar in a gymnasium. I said 'Carter, come back,' and for a minute I thought he'd swing back up. But he let go."

In an interview with her son, Anderson, last year, Vanderbilt admits that she considered throwing herself off of the building after Carter.

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