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Jimmy Kimmel Gave His Son's Heart Surgeon An Unreal Gift

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Children are truly every parent's greatest gift. There is absolutely nothing that we wouldn't give for our children. For Jimmy Kimmel, he was willing to part with his World Series tickets. With four games of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the L.A. Dodgers being played in Los Angeles, the late-night talk show host had tickets to see fall classic in person, but Kimmel decided someone else was more worthy to go in his place.

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Six months ago, Jimmy Kimmel publicly announced that his second child, Billy, was suffering from some serious health complications and would require heart surgery. Some of you may remember his heart felt monologue where he talked about what it must be like for parents going through this without health insurance, and how he is so thankful for the care his son had been receiving.


Kimmel took a week off for his son's second heart surgery, but the surgery had to be postponed because the entire family was suffering from a cold. Kimmel also had tickets to see the Dodgers play in the World Series and he decided he wasn't going to go.  

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