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Nuns With Guns Wanted By The FBI After An Attempted Robbery

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A pair of stealing sisters got into the bad habit of bank robbing this week, and now they're wanted by the FBI.

In the past we've seen thieves get creative with the disguises they wear to fool the cops, including an Austrian man who pulled off a a string of crimes in 2008 while wearing a mask of former President Barack Obama's face. Unfortunately, he didn't get presidential immunity for his crimes.

More recently, there was a rash of robberies across America where crooks donned Darth Vader costumes, inspired by the menacing villain from the Star Wars film series. One of these wannabe bad guys was caught after he forgot to put his mask on until he was inside the store he robbed.

High-level thieves have even hired makeup artists to disguise their identities using hair dye and rubber masks.

But an attempted robbery this week has topped them all and stumped the FBI, after the pair of women seemingly inspired by a Hollywood movie showed up at their local bank in nuns' habits.

These two are still on the run, so read the details and see if you can help the FBI track them down.

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