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The Royal Family Started A Wedding Trend That We All Take For Granted

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It could be fair to say that Pippa Middleton's nuptials kicked off wedding season, as fashion magazines swoon over every detail from the page boy pants to the attendance of her sister, The Duchess of Cambridge, there is one detail that was on everyone's minds: the bridal gown.

It has been called the "not-quite-royal-wedding-of-the-year," but similarities were being drawn left, right and center. Especially when it came to Pippa Middleton's flowing white, Giles Deacon wedding gown.

Like her sister's wedding gown, it was a Grace Kelly inspired dream : contemporary, yet traditional without being too stuffy. The elegant high-necked, cap-sleeved gown molded to her torso and descended into a full, flowing skirt.

Believe it or not, white was not always the traditional color for Western wedding dresses. In fact, brides have only been wearing white wedding dresses since the 1840s. Before that, red was the most popular choice for wedding gowns.

In Western society today, only about 5% of wedding dresses sold at David's Bridal are colored gowns. Even though brides are free to wear whatever they choose to, most of us still prefer that classic white gown, but why?

It was the decision of one headstrong royal that launched a 175-year trend of wearing white ...

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