The Reason Why Prince William Refuses To Wear A Wedding Ring

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The Reason Why Prince William Refuses To Wear A Wedding Ring

You may not have noticed it at all, but some eagle-eyed royal watchers have spotted something a little strange about Prince William and Kate Middleton that has many people questioning their marriage.

Regularly spotted together, William and Kate are often photographed standing or sitting side by side. By all means, they look like a happily married couple, but there is something that just doesn't add up.


Social media users noticed a trend in several photos of the couple - the Duchess of Cambridge proudly wears here huge engagement ring and subtle wedding band, yet the Duke's wedding ring is missing.

In 2011, after the famous royal couple got married, a spokesperson from the palace explained why the Prince decided to go ringless.

Basically, it's personal preference, they say, "It was something that the couple discussed but Prince William isn't one for jewelry."

In fact, it's not an uncommon decision among the Royal men. In Britain, men didn't start wearing wedding bands until World War II, however the men of the royal family never really adopted the tradition.

Besides Prince Charles, who wears his next to his signet ring, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Cambridge are sticking with the British upper class tradition of not wearing a ring at all.