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Richard Simmons Has Been Hospitalized

The fitness guru Richard Simmons was brought to the hospital on Monday, April 17th, after struggling with what they have called "severe indigestion".

According to TMZ, Simmons had been experiencing "discomfort while eating" for several days and went to the hospital of his own decision. His rep, Michael Catalano, says that he is doing much better now and should make a full recovery.

Simmons has been raising a lot of questions lately as it feels like no one has seen him in years. Last year he was hospitalized for 3 days after a housekeeper said "he'd become incoherent". His reps said it was dehydration but no one seems to believe them.

A podcast recently started to examine where he went, which has really brought Simmons back into the spot light. Simmons says that he is doing just fine and just wants to be out of the limelight.

Hopefully he gets well soon!