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These Prisoners Are Being Called "Heroes" After Saving A Guard's Life

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We've all seen it before, either in real life or on our television screens: a team of tired and sweaty prisoners doing outdoor work while a guard watches over them. We think we know everything there is to know about scenes like this - the dangerous criminals plotting their escape and waiting for any chance they can get to bust out of prison. In fact, people are much more complicated than we give them credit for.

Six prisoners from Polk County, Georgia proved that last week, when they saved the life of the sheriff's department officer assigned to watch them.

It was a scorching summer day, as hot as 76 degrees outside with 100% humidity, and a team of prisoners were assigned to do yard work at the local cemetery before Fathers' Day crowds arrived. The officer complained the heat was affecting him, and asked the inmates to call for help using his phone if anything happened.

According to NBC News, the officer keeled over just a few minutes later, and the inmates snapped into action. The guard's belt had his gun and keys hanging on it, everything they could ask for to make a clean getaway, but that thought didn't even cross their minds.

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